About genoa denim

Genoa Denim is a Spanish sustainable fashion brand founded in 2021 and focused on slow fashion. All of our items are designed and handmade in Spain.

We specialise in denim and strive to cut down on the huge amount of water that gets wasted every year in the production of denim apparel. We do this by manufacturing all of our products out of donated denim.

Genoa Denim believes that ''denim is for everyone'', which is why we offer a wide range of sizes and designs. At the same time Genoa Denim is highly exclusive. All our garments are unique, given the limited raw material we work with, our garments cannot be repeated or replicated.

Our designs are made out of donated jeans people no longer use. Thanks to this we keep the environment unaware of our existence. By upcycling denim we are able to give birth to unique and exclusive pieces while also committing ourselves to the environment and society.

We offer the most resistant and now less polluting fabric in the form of special garments. 

A percentage of the profits are donated to Genocean. The association committed to the quality of the planet's water, our only home. Genocean is in charge of fulfilling the dreams of Genoa Denim.


Ana barquilla, cofounder

Nice to meet you, my name is Ana and I'm one of the co-founders of Genoa Denim.

I am open to challenges but also to finding solutions. Here is where my career as an entrepreneur starts. During the time that I was living with my best friend, Blanca, I realized how much damage denim does in its production and I found it curious to think that it is the most common garment in our closets. I am committed to the environment and oceans as we live near the coast and Mediterranean sea.

I am responsible for brand management & communication and I am convinced that is the moment to change the world and take the step in fashion. Exclusivity and sustainability in one.

Would you be part of this denim revolution?

blanca garcia, cofounder

Dear reader, and interested human in nature, denim and keeping the world alive for a while longer, I am Blanca. Thank you for taking the time to get here.

I am a Spanish 24 year old girl, who is in this project with my best friend Ana. Ana and I lived together and one night, we discovered the damage denim caused to the environment. We come from a town by the beach, so our love for the ocean is rooted in our DNA, so between denim and oceans, GENOA DENIM is born. I have always enjoyed designing and creating, therefore I am responsible for the creative direction. 

I hope you enjoy our designs, and keep using denim in a more responsible way, now that you know GENOA DENIM!


We have partnered up with some of the best designers in the Spanish Mediterranean coast to launch our very first Rebirth Collection.