The raw material of Genoa Denim are those denim garments that you no longer want. That you don't wear. That is torn. Out of fashion. Or that you no longer use.

You can donate them to become unique and current garments that also improve the planet and the relationship we have with fashion.

These garments were manufactured at the time, and consumed about 10,000L of water and emitted kilos of CO2 and dyes.

It is time to give back to the planet what is theirs. And at the same time, wear exclusive garments.

But how? Genocean is the association in charge of fulfilling the dreams of Genoa Denim.
We are in charge of various tasks that improve the quality of the oceans and seas. You can find out more about this here.

All this happens thanks to you and it also starts with you.

Join the movement, Genoa Denim

Yours, Ana and Blanca

Co-founders of GENOA DENIM

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